About Us

About Us

The Network of Music Career Development Officers (NETMCDO) is a thriving network with members across the world. The Network produces an annual conference that focuses on important issues vital to the careers of classical and jazz musicians and the professionals that counsel them. Members of NETMCDO support each other throughout the year with social media discussions and advice.

NETMCDO was founded in 1995 by by Angela Beeching, of New England Conservatory at the time, and John Blanchard, of Manhattan School of Music. The original goal was simply to gather together colleagues at similar music schools throughout the U.S. to discuss issues and get to know each other. When we began to widen our circle and advertise our annual meetings in New York, we saw more and more interest from schools without career centers for musicians or course work on the business of music.

NETMCDO has grown into an inclusive organization where “veterans” and “novices” alike share viewpoints, experiences, and knowledge.

Our current organizing comittee includes:

  • Angela Myles Beeching - NETMCDO Do-Founder; Arts Career Specialist; Ahe author of Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music,
  • John Blanchard - NETMCDO Co-Founder; Institutional Historian & Dir. of Archives, Manhattan School of Music
  • Casey Molino Dunn - Director, Center for Music Entrepreneurship, Manhattan School of Music
  • John Steinmetz - Bassoonist, Composer, Writer, Speaker, Facilitator
  • Nathaniel Zeisler - Dean for Community Initiatives, The Colburn School