We welcome participation in two primary ways:

  • joining our Yahoo listserv
  • attending our yearly conference

There is no fee to join the Network and participate in the listserv. There is a (very reasonable) fee to attend our conference in January. Members share information on resources, career development courses, internships, outreach, one-on-one advising, workshop formats and speakers, tips on marketing their services, and more. People post questions, articles, and issues to the listserv and members follow up with opinions and help!

How to join NETMCDO’s Yahoo listserv


Do you have a Yahoo ID? If not, you'll need to set it up. It's free and easy ... and required before you click on the link in the invite to join (if you have already gotten an invitation) ... If you have a Yahoo ID, skip to STEP TWO.

  1. Go to Yahoo’s site
  2. Click the SIGN IN link near the top of the page
  3. Click the SIGN UP link
  4. Fill out a PROFILE. Be aware that you can include as much or as little identifying information as needed (Yahoo profiles are available to the world to see so we recommend no identifying info other than the bare minimum needed by the Yahoo system to create a profile).


You will need an invite from the Moderator:

  1. E-mail Leslie Scatterday at Eastman and request an invitation
  2. Include a statement telling us why you wish to join the group
  3. Include information about yourself (organization affiliations, Career Development background)

You'll receive an official 'invite' from the moderator that will walk you through the process of joining this yahoo group.

Once your ID is set up (in STEP ONE):

  1. You can click on the button to JOIN THIS GROUP found at the bottom of the invitation message.
  2. Then you should see a welcome message or sorts about the group, with another link to JOIN THIS GROUP. Click this second link and you will be taken to a form that will set up how you want to participate in the group (how you want to receive the group e-mail, if you want messages in text or web format, etc...).
  3. You will need to type in some letters at the bottom of the page to match a box on the page: it's a spam protector in place by Yahoo (it looks like bad handwriting) ... type it in, and click the final join button at the bottom of the screen, and you should be all set as a member. The links given and available at this point are intuitive and easy to use....


If you have any more problems with this, just contact Leslie Scatterday at Eastman who is kindly acting as our Moderator; let her know the problem and she’ll help you.