Archive: NYC 2013

Archive: NYC 2013

18th Annual NETMCDO Conference

Wednesday and Thursday,
January 9 and 10, 2013
Manhattan School of Music (
New York City


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2013 Session Reports
Idea Marketplace (connect with your colleagues on a variety of topics)

The 2013 NETMCDO conference plan:

Get your superpower on! This year we’re addressing . . .

The Artist as Change Agent

No matter how you define “change agent” (from being a teaching artist, to an entrepreneur, self-starter, and more), it’s about making an impact.

Come and explore how we can help musicians create change in themselves, their careers, their communities, and the world. In the process, we’ll also investigate how we can be more successful in effecting positive change in our own institutions.

Note: Each day will also examine the "State of the Field" in various ways, in addition to the Change Agent theme.

Day 1 Agenda: Wednesday, January 9

We will start promptly at 9:00 am and go until 5:00 pm.
We will discuss the many aspects of music career services issues in panel discussions, small breakout groups, and large group discussions. These sessions will address the issues that matter most to YOU -- so bring your ideas, questions, and concerns to share and explore.

Check-in open at 8:15 a.m.
Coffee, tea, and continental breakfast available at 8:30 a.m.

9:00–10:30 a.m. Defining “Change Agenting”— the 4 Zones of Entrepreneurship
  • With Jim Undercofler and facilitator John Steinmetz
  • Get to know your fellow participants: the change agents among us!
  • Identify the "e-ship zones" of most interest to your students, clients, institution
  • Find your own “comfort zone” and the full range of options for creating change
10:30–12:00 The Change Agents Challenge: understanding motivation & the skills needed
  • Panelists Mattie Kaiser, Adam Huttler, and Sebastian Ruth
  • Discussing the attributes and skills necessary to effect change
12:00–1:00 p.m. Lunch - Provided

A delicious lunch (included in cost of registration) — connect with both new and “old” friends and discuss topics started in the morning sessions.

1:00–1:50 What Would “Agent Change” Do?Examining “change agenting” through scenario learning
  • Imagine yourself as the superhero “Agent Change”
  • Explore options for action steps in real-life scenarios (case studies)
  • Collegiate music students will join this discussion and interactive exercise
2:00–2:30 Open Space introduction and session nominations.

Overarching question:

How are we helping others create change in their own lives?

2:30–3:20 Open space session 1
3:30-4:10 Open space session 2
4:15–4:45 Open space session 3
4:45–5:00 Recap and Instructions for Thursday.

Note: Many conference participants go out to eat together after the first day, please consider joining us!

*We are exploring an add-on evening activity that would include attending a special performance related to our conference theme. Stay tuned for details to come as these develop.

Day 2 Agenda: Thursday, January 10

We will start promptly at 9:00 am and go until 5:15 pm.

9:00–9:30 am Idea Marketplace
  • Exchanging the latest finds in best career development and entrepreneurship resources and ideas.
9:30–10:45 The F-word: let’s talk about Failure (plus Risk & Resilience)
  • Explore the psychology behind change agenting
  • With Noa Kageyama [confirmed], Shasa Dobrow [via Skype, to be confirmed].
  • How do entrepreneurs deal with setbacks and failure?
  • How we can help musicians to cultivate this mindset?
  • Students will join this discussion and we’ll work on case studies.
11:00–12:00 Report from Abroad: Lessons from the European Union
  • With Rineke Smilde and Jim Undercofler
  • Viewpoint from the Association of European Conservatories
  • Big picture perspective & cutting edge ideas we can put into action at home
12:00–1:30 p.m. Lunch

Lunch at nearby restaurants (on your own).

1:30–2:45 Practical Applications: What’s in it for you?

In small groups we will consider how to put this work into action for you, and for your students, institution, community.

3:00–4:15 Lifelong Learning and New Employment Opportunities for Musicians
  • With Rineke Smilde and facilitator John Steinmetz
  • How can musicians best learn to function in a continuously changing profession
  • What are the adaptable (life) skills needed for sustainability?
  • What are the new opportunities in cross-sector, cross-cultural, and cross-disciplinary arenas?
4:15–5:15 Wrap-up and "Talking Stick" Closing Ceremony
  • As many veterans can attest, this tradition is as vital a part of our conference as any of the sessions. Please try and arrange your travel plans so that you can stay until at least 5:15. Or better yet: stay an extra night and join us for cocktails and/or dinner.